Friday, 12 June 2015

Time to Say Good-bye...

It is with some sadness and nostalgia that we farewell our very first Cereal Readers website design. However, as we quickly approach our third anniversary, we’re looking forward to embracing a fresh new look and the realisation of many effective new search features.

'Appealing images are vital for engaging young readers'

As part of the clean and updated look, our primary focus was to improve the quality of the book cover images.  Appealing images are vital for engaging young readers and we're thrilled that images now display with enhanced size and clarity.

The long list of features we wanted to offer had to be distilled to those we thought would be most valuable. Expanding the variety of ‘search lenses’ (as we like to call them) will hopefully provide useful portals to the series we have available. In particular, we’re really pleased to make available the ‘multi-genre tag + age range’ search for discovering new series.

Apart from the multi-genre tag search, my favourite new feature is the ability to see at-a-glance which series have introductory book trailer videos - a wonderful tool for quickly enticing readers of all ages.

Video icon indicates introductory series book trailer.
Multi-Genre + Optional Age Search

Key features offered in Cereal Readers version 2.0:

  • Higher quality images and image enlargement feature;
  • Improved search results;
  • Multi-genre tag search, with optional age range filter;
  • Video icon to indicate series containing book trailers to quickly engage readers;
  • Summary of all series that have won awards;
  • A previous/next feature for moving between sequential books in a series.
  • A new ‘Explore’ menu option that provides a launching point for the many ways to search series on Cereal Readers.

Overall, we believe these and other changes have made the site clearer and easier to use. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with the recent changes.

Farewell to the inaugural Cereal Readers site design
There are still many features we would love to bring you, but we had to walk the line between dreams and delivery, so…next time. As a large number of our visitors access the site via mobile phone, a mobile-friendly version of the site is high on our list for the second half of 2015 - we'd really hoped to deliver it with this release, but time ran short.

As is often said in the technology business, ‘the perfect is the enemy of the possible.’ We’ve bought you the possible for now. Hope you enjoy it!