Saturday, 9 March 2013

Why the Option to Buy?

This month we're introducing the option to purchase books online at Book Depository UK, and Amazon, based in the US. Every website costs money to operate and develop. It's often the visitor's preference that this fact is masked from them, but the fact remains, and its transparency helps to protect the character of Cereal Readers.

There may be a handful of people dismayed at this new feature; however, many more will welcome the news. We have endeavoured to make this feature both subtle and convenient: convenient for those who wish to use it; convenient to ignore for those who do not! Please note that purchases through either store support Cereal Readers without any additional cost to you.

Books are the perfect product to buy online. The Internet allows you to browse books when it best suits you, with the added insight of reviews and ratings to help in your selections. Often there are cost advantages, as the books - so physically heavy - can be stored and shipped from more central locations. Book Depository ships free of charge to a range of countries in the world (often with mystifying speed!), while Amazon provides free shipping to many North American customers. Of course, there is now a growing number of people who prefer e-readers, for which buying online is essential.

I am hopeful that this 'option to buy' will enable us to build the content and features of Cereal Readers more quickly, and therefore make the site a more useful resource for everyone referencing it. As always, we appreciate your support and value your comments.

Marielle [December 1, 2012]

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