Saturday, 16 February 2013

I would like to thank...

It's exciting after so much hard work to finally launch Cereal Readers! It is truly just the beginning, as the growing list of new features and ideas on my desk attests; not to mention the mountain of wonderful series yet to be added. I am more than confident that we will never run out of material!

It's often said, 'it takes a village to raise a child'. I've yet to decide whether that's a sound basis for child-rearing, but it's certainly true in developing a website - although it doesn't sound quite as catchy! I want to take this opportunity to thank the many people who helped bring this project to fruition, and to whom I am most appreciative.

In the chronological order of events: Alex, for being such an unparalleled reader and igniting the idea in the first place, his programming assistance at vital moments, and for tediously plugging in numbers with me when a new table was needed; Stacey Douglas Jones for the fabulous name and for opening my eyes to a range of site possibilities; Kara, for coming on board at the best possible time, for her initiative, practicality and attention to detail; James Daly for his early programming assistance; Nancy Douglas for her considered opinions and patient content review; Dale Harris and Leah Hartley of Studio Ink, for the fabulous Cereal Readers logo and site graphics; Sarah Mayor Cox of Latrobe University; Head of Junior School, Donald Thompson, and Girton Grammar School, Bendigo, for their interest and encouragement, with most particular and heartfelt thanks to Trevor Parry, for his generous programming assistance.

Thank you also to Francesca, Sofia, Sophia, Margherita and Nabeel, for their contributions, including thoughtful series recommendations and early video reviews; and finally, much gratitude to Nancy, Carmel, Mary, Kristina, Danielle, Jacinta and Jim, for their on-going enthusiasm, encouragement and support.

Marielle [August 18, 2012]

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